According to the armistice agreement, the MDL consists of 1,292 signs in total from
  around Im Jin River to the eastern coast of Korea, many of which has been carried
  away and changed by improper maintenance and flood. The sign of the MDL was
  installed to prevent a possible hostile act to separate military troops along the MDL
    and maintain the buffer zone.
  The Korean Young Men's Association (KYMA) was a right-wing youth club organ
  ized in 1948 right after the history of the Republic of Korea and disassembled right
  after the Korean War in 1953. This armband was used by the late JANG Sam Sung
  living in Po Wae Jin, Go Sung at that time (now in the North Korea). (donated by JA
    NG Yong Tae)
  They are Keepsakes from the bodies of the Korean War dead by Joint Recovery
  Operation (JRO), Ministry of National Defense. You can see the Korean war dead,
  their words and keepsakes left altogether.
  Major IM Choon Soo on the 5th regiment of the 6th infantry division sent a letter of
  heartrending story and photos to his family during the Korean War. (donated by IM
  Gwan Jeon, Cheorwon (Registered Cultural Properties the 22th, 2002. 5. 31. regis
  tered) This is a Russian-styled building by forced labor and fund raising of a local
  resident under the Communists in the early 1946, which is used now as a tourist
  attraction for security to show the tragedy of war and division in Korea.
  Coastal villages as geographical location were the places where several fights to
  ok place such as the battles of Punch Bowl, Do Sol Mountain, and Ga Chil Bong.
  A war correspondent called this place Punch Bowl as it looked like round and big
  bowl used to mix vegetable and sauce.
  If the audience steps on a mine sensor, it gives them a scene of pseudo-explosio
  n. Model mines such as an antitank mine, anti-personnel mine explain each type
  and structure, and you can also see the victims of mines.