It is a two Korea's railway that symbolizes not only the completion of a railway
  joining the divided peninsula but also the possible opening of a railway between
  two Koreas. Rail test took place at Geumgang Station of East Sea Line and Moon
  san Station of Gyeongui Line on May 17th 2007. It was a historic moment that the
    railway between North and South Korea was being re-opened in half a century
    since division.
  it is a protocol of the exchange and cooperation for education of North & South
  Kangwon-do. Both sides positively rated the collaboration worked on in Wonsan
  under the 6.15 North-South joint declaration from Dec 22 - 23th 2003, and reached
  an agreement to hold working-level contact in terms of future collaboration. it is a
    protocol for national homogeneity and mutual collaboration through the exchange
    and cooperation in society and culture of North & South Kangwon-do. It is also use
    ful material for the peace and joint growth of North & South Kangwon-do in Politics,
    economy, and culture since their division to establish strong trust.
  There has been various exchange and collaboration projects such as salmon/fry
  joint discharge, salmon hatchery building, forest disease & vermin joint prevention
  for the reconciliation & cooperation between North & South Korea. We display fish
  feed that was produced in Anbyun salmon feed factory (Northern Kangwon-do)
  built in May 18th 2008 as a collaboration project of North & South Kangwon-do,
  and goods for salmon/fry discharge, as well as the prevention equipments aga
  inst forest disease & vermin that was supported to northern Kangwon-do as the
  supplies for exchange & collaboration project to preserve the environment.
  A friendly ice hockey match between North and South Korea was held at Uiam ice-
  rink, Chuncheon, Kangwon, which was the first winter sports exchange since their
  partition. It was initiated as the first visit of the North to South Korea using East Sea
  Line as part of a winter sports exchange between North and South Korea. You can
  see Korean Peninsula Flag in the middle of the uniforms. North & South Korean ice
  hockey players were entering at the same time, of which North players wore red
  uniforms, and South blue & white.